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RKS-23 resistance welding regulator

RKS-23 resistance welding regulator is designed to control the welding process of spot, projection, and seam alternating current machines with three-phase or six-phase secondary current rectification with an increasing pressing force and provide, by operator command, the main welding parameters: welding time, voltage, current, electrode pressing force, forging. RKS-16sh version is provided for resistance seam welding machines, РКС-23T version is provided for resistance spot and projection welding machines.

Advantages of RKS-23 resistance welding regulator

  • Welding current stabilization in case of power supply voltage fluctuations
  • Thyristor contactor control and welding current control
  • Control of two electro-pneumatic valves of the electrode pressing drive and pressing force control
  • 7-inch display for setting the welding program parameters, displaying the current parameters and results of the last welding operation
  • Reproduction of welding cycles and storage of up to 20 welding programs in a non-volatile memory
  • Forging and squeezing mode
  • Reading of time delays in periods and half-periods of the supply voltage
  • Setting of welding parameters on the regulator front panel and digital indication of set parameters
  • Discrete reading and duration control of welding cycle positions
  • Setting of welding current within 25-100% of its full-phase value
  • Overload protection
  • Measurement of welding current in kA (completed with Rogowski coil current sensor)




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AC supply voltage 380 V
Power input, max 60 VA
Parameters of input discrete signals:
logical one voltage, max 21 - 30 V
current, max 10 - 20 mA
logical zero voltage, max 0-7 V
Parameters of thyristor control pulses:
voltage (across a resistance of 6.2 Ohms) 20±5 V
duration (at a level not lower than 15 V) 200±100 μs
Parameters of "upper key" output discrete signals:
load voltage, max 24±5% V
load current, max 0.7 A
Welding cycle parameters: RKS-23T RKS-23SH
number of welding cycle positions 9 4
number of force operating modes 5 2
number of controlled pneumatic valves 3 2
number of heating positions 3 1
number of welding programs 16 16
Regulator features:
compensation of supply voltage fluctuation yes
forging yes
squeezing yes
measurement of welding current yes
force measurement (РКС-23T version) yes
range verification yes
password protection of welding programs yes
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 330х300х120 mm
Weight 7 kg
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I agree with the rules of the site and to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the requirements Federal law of 27 July 2006 №152-FZ «On personal data»