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Projection resistance welding machine MR-70.07 is intended for AC welding of parts from low carbon steels, stainless steels, as well as copper busbars with welding tape thickness of 0.1; 0.2 and 0.3 mm. Maximum cross-section area of welded parts is 100x50 mm with maximum welding tape thickness of 15 mm.


Advantages of the machine MR-70.01 NF 4:           

  • welding current regulation when supply voltage changes;
  • productivity up to 180 weld./h (several folds greater than soldering);
  • no need to use copper-phosphorous and silver solders;
  • reducing of labor intensity;
  • stepped-phase adjustment of welding current;
  • discrete adjustment of welding operation positions;
  • regulator which displays the number of weldings and total operation time;
  • operating in automatic and single cycle mode; 
  • pneumatic electrode pressure system with constant, increased and forging force;
  • upper electrode travel adjustability;
  • thermal protection;
  • valve mufflers;
  • the machine is fitted with Camozzi pneumatic equipment;
  • using of an own-produced transformer TKE-140 NF4.


When welding of flexible copper busbars of large cross-section (100x100x15 mm) is considered necessary, it is required to use the MRV-70.01 NF 4 welding machine with DC supply and more powerful pneumatic cylinder.




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Supply voltage

380 V


50 Hz

Max. secondary current

70 кА

Rated long-time secondary current, min.

18 кА

Max. power at short circuit

672 кVА

Power at duty cycle = 50%

248 кVА

Primary long-time current

270 А

Max. primary current at short circuit

1796 А

Power cable section 

120 mm²

Electrodes pressure force:

- rated, at compressed air pressure of 0,45 MPa

- maximum, at compressed air pressure of 0,5 MPa

- minimum, at compressed air pressure of 0,1 MPa


2770 daN

3075 daN

615 daN

Rated outreach

330 mm

Rated opening

115 mm

Max. opening

330 mm

Upper electrode travel:

- maximum

- operating maximum

- operating minimum


100 mm

30 mm

5 mm

Secondary current adjustment

Stepped, phase

Number of steps for welding transformer secondary voltage adjustment

8 steps

Idle stroke voltage adjustment range

4,7 - 9,4 V

Estimated consumption of free air at rated compression force and operating stroke

10 mm

1,15 м³/100 strokes

Cooling water consumption

800 l/h

Max. overall dimensions (LxWxH)

1510х490х2280 mm

Max. weight

1300 kg
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I agree with the rules of the site and to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the requirements Federal law of 27 July 2006 №152-FZ «On personal data»