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The machine MSO - 750.02 is intended for butt flash welding with continuous melting and melting with previous heating of rolled steel mainly with a compact section.

Sections for welding:

Low carbon steel

113...2000 mm²

Welding diameters range.

А400С 12...40 мм²
А500С 12...36мм²
А600С 12...32мм²

In the welding machine MSO - 750.02 (as against MSO - 750.01) the clamping force and upset force are set automatically from the control panel of operator. So changeover time for welding parts of different diameters is reduced.


Advantages of welding machine MSO-750.02:

·         Up-to-date system of controlling and quality control provides continuous monitoring of actual parameters with registration and certification of each welding joint.

·         The machine is equipped by automatic unit for trimming after welding in hot form (Patent No RU 2 515 864 C1)

·         20 welding programs memory storage

·         Versatile process of flashing control

Additional options:

·         Autonomous fluid cooling system of closed-loop type

·         Possibility of version for container

·         Possibility of including into automatic line LSA-01

·         Welding fumes cleaning system




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Supply voltage at frequency 50 Hz, one-phase 380 V

Rated long-time secondary current

9 kA

Max. secondary current

40 kA

Power at duty cycle=50%

97 kVA

Max. power at short circuit

323 kVA

Parts clamping driver type

Lever hydraulic

Parts clamping force

15300 daN

Upset driver type


Upset force

7000 daN

Pressure control in system


Possibility of trimming


Number of steps of secondary welding current adjustment


Rated adjusting step


Welding transformer secondary voltage adjustment range

4,05 - 8,1 V

Max. overall dimensions

  •  machine
  •  hydraulic station
  • control cabinet



1570х1200х1630 mm

1150х710х1190 mm

500х800х2100 mm


Max. weight

  • machine
  • hydraulic station
  • control cabinet

2000 kg

700 kg

100 kg


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ЖБИ Сибири ( результаты испытаний арматуры класса А500С)
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