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Welding machine MT-2103-1 is designed for contact spot welding by alternating current of metal structures and products. Technological capabilities of this welding machine allow welding of a wide range of products. The thickness of the material to be welded depends on the material type and quality requirements to the welded joint.

Welding thickness ranges

Low carbon steel 0,5+0,5 to 3,0+3,0 mm*
Low alloy steel 0,5+0,5 to 3,5+3,5 mm*
Stainless steel 0,5+0,5 to 4,0+4,0 mm*
Titanium alloys 0,8+0,8 to 4,0+4,0 mm*
Chromium-nickel alloys 0,5+0,5 to 3,0+3,0 mm*
Copper alloys 0,5+0,5 to 0,8+0,8 mm*
Aluminum alloys 0,5+0,5 to 0,8+0,8 mm*

Diameter ranges for welded cruciform joints of rod reinforcement

Class АI, BI 8+8 to 22+22 mm*
Class AII, AIII 8+8 to 16+16 mm*

* When welding parts of different thicknesses, the welding mode is determined by the smallest thickness of the part.

Advantages of the welding machine MT-2103-1

  • It is produced of Russian raw materials that have all the necessary certificates
  • Microprocessor control based on the contact welding regulator RKS-810, also produced by us, can store 20 welding programs in memory and consistently reproduce the welding parameters
  • Setting of welding parameters on the front panel of the RKS-810 contact welding regulator and digital indication of the set parameters
  • As a source of welding current we use a transformer, also produced by us, filled with epoxy compound
  • Liquid cooling of the welding transformer, secondary circuit
  • Independent regulation of welding and forging compressing force by two pressure regulators with counterpressure at pneumatic cylinder.

Additional options

  • Autonomous liquid closed cooling system
  • Autonomous compressor device
  • Electrodes for contact welding of various configurations
  • Assembly and welding devices 




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Mains voltage at 50Hz frequency 380 V
The highest secondary current 21 кА
Rated continuous secondary current 11 кА
Maximum power in case of short circuit 200 кVа
Power at 50% duty cycle 148 кVа
Compression force of electrodes:
- the largest at compressed air pressure of 0.5 MPa
- the smallest at compressed air pressure of 0.1 MPa

2450 dаN
490 dаN
Nominal stick-out 1200 mm
Nominal spacing 200 mm
Upper electrode stroke:
- full (working + additional)
- working

100 mm
10 to 30 mm
Limits of idle voltage adjustment 5,37 to 3,19 В
Welding power adjustment:
- stepped
 - phase

6 steps
50 – 100 %
Electrode compression drive pneumatic radial
Cooling of current-carrying parts forced liquid
Overall dimensions of the machine (L×W×H), no more than 2370×560×2350 mm
Weight, not more than 1400 kg
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